Discover the Classic Manicure: A Timeless Beauty Look That Never Goes Out of Style


If you’ve ever been to the nail salon with a friend, you know how fast things can get divisive. The girls that are used to getting regular manicures are quick to judge those of us who prefer going au naturel. It’s as if we’re part of rival gangs with opposing codes of conduct. If you’re on team natural, it doesn’t mean that you hate art or think anything outside of the norm is weird or scary. You just prefer a more neutral look. But why? What is it about the classic manicure that makes it so timeless and enduring? Is there something special about this look that keeps women coming back for more? Let’s take a closer look and see what we can discover!

The History of the Classic Manicure

If you’re into fashion or beauty, you’ve probably heard the term “French manicure” thrown around plenty of times. But what is it exactly? Where did it come from and why is it so popular? Well, it turns out that the French manicure dates all the way back to the 1930s. During this time, women began using nail polish a lot more often than they had before and they were eager to experiment with different looks and styles.

But back then, there was no such thing as a quick-dry topcoat or gel polish, so getting a French manicure meant sitting around in the salon for hours while your nails dried. It’s no wonder so many ladies hated it.

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Why it’s Timeless

If you think about it, there are so many nail looks nowadays that are extremely trendy and seasonal. The manicures you see on the runways or in magazines are often short-lived trends that come and go.

But the classic manicure doesn’t change with the seasons. It’s been around for a long time and it shows no signs of going away anytime soon. So what makes it so timeless?

Well, first and foremost, it’s a look that anyone can do. You don’t need to be an expert or have any special training to pull it off. There’s no complicated design or technique that only the chosen few can master. Anyone can get the look and feel beautiful, no matter what their skill level is.

The Basics of the Classic Manicure

If you want to try out the classic look for yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, you want to make sure your nails are clean and free of any lingering polish or dirt. Next, you want to find the length that works best for you. And by length, we’re not just talking about the length of your nail. We’re also taking into account the length of your cuticles.

If they’re not properly groomed, they can look unkempt and messy, even when you’re sporting a perfectly polished nail. The classic manicure almost always features a clear or neutral base coat, a single color on the nail, a double coat of clear polish, and a top coat that dries quickly. But there are a ton of different variations and styles you can try as well!

What Makes a Good Classic Manicure?

If you’ve ever gotten a classic manicure and aren’t completely happy with the results, you’re probably wondering what went wrong. Well, there’s a good chance that one of these common mistakes was made. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the person doing your nails has the training and skill level to perform the service. You wouldn’t trust a hairstylist to do your nails, and vice versa. Another common mistake is picking a polish that doesn’t work with your skintone. There are plenty of dark and bright shades that look amazing with different skin tones. But there are also a few that don’t really go with anyone. Make sure you choose wisely to avoid ending up with a look that doesn’t really suit you.

3 Common Features of the Classic Manicure

As you’ve seen, there are tons of different variations of the classic manicure. But there are also a few things that appear on every classic manicure.

  • First, you want to make sure you have a high-quality topcoat that dries quickly. If you’re still using the same stuff you picked up at the drugstore years ago, you’re probably doing more harm than good.
  • Next, you want to make sure your nails are properly buffed and shaped. It’s best to do this before applying the base coat so you don’t get ridges or bumps in the finish.
  • And last but not least, you want to make sure your cuticles are properly shaped and groomed.


In conclusion, the classic manicure is a timeless beauty look that never goes out of style. Whether you prefer a clear or neutral base coat, a pastel color, or a bold hue, you can’t go wrong with a classic manicure. And while the look is classic, there are plenty of variations you can try as well.